Veet’s 3 New Hair Removal Products

Reckitt Benckiser, the people behind the popular Veet brand have recently added three new hair removal products to their product line. Let’s have a run through of the new products shall we?

Perfect Finish Wipes

Veet Perfect Finish WipesVeet Sensitive BodyCurv

Veet’s new BodyCurv Bikink and Underarm Hair Removal Cream is especially made for the bikini and underarm areas. It is formulated for sensitive skin and it’s product dispensing bottle is designed to fit and glide along the contours of the body.


Pomegranate EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit

Veet Easywax Pomegranate

Veet’s EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit isn’t a new product, but their EasyWax pomegranate variation is a new addition to their line of waxing products. The EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit heats the wax it contains by itself electrically, giving you an easy and convenient way to wax. The kit comes with the electrically self-heating wax applicator, a 50ml wax refill, 12 non-woven wax strips, 4 of Veet’s Perfect Finish Wipes and a holder for the applicator.


Triethylene glycol rosinate
Glyceryl rosinate
Mineral oil
Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter
Titanium dioxide
Red 6 lake

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